5th Annual Odessa Brew Fest!

The Brew Fest

The 5th Annual Odessa Brew Fest is held on September 8, 2018. Over 100 participating breweries, with 15 from Delaware!

About the Festival

Two Stages and four music acts. More than 100 beverage producers. The annual brewbracket. Find out more here.

Participating Places

There are more than 100 participating breweries, wineries, distillers and mead and cider makers! Check them all out here.

Beyond Beer

Besides the more than 100 beverage producers, there are a bunch of great vendors attending. Check them out here.

Get your tickets

VIP tickets are all sold out, but you can still pick up General Admission tickets (for now). Check out DE Brew Trail's Facebook page for a chance at winning a pair, too.

We'll be there Live!

DE Brew Trail will be there and post photos and live video giving shout outs to some of Delaware's best!